Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sonja's Testimony

I knew a lady who had just about everything she ever needed. A loving husband, a beautiful house, plenty of money, wonderful children. Sonja had a good life.

Until the enemy came to her one day in the form of a “friend”. He told her she could have more, she deserved more. He told her she could live it up if she just tried some cocaine. Just a little bit, it won’t hurt anything and nobody would even know.

She tried a little bit, then a little bit more. She liked the party life. Pretty soon, the devil had her hooked on it. Cocaine is expensive, so the money was disappearing. The savings account was drained, the bank account never had enough in it to cover bills, the electricity couldn’t be paid, the cars were lost and furniture was sold for the drugs.

Not only did the devil lie and tell her it wouldn’t hurt anything, but he stole her money. Worse yet, it was causing a strain in her marriage. Sonja’s husband left. Her children didn’t want anything to do with her because she put the high first.

Now satan had taken her family, friends, house and possessions– it all started with just a little lie.

She had been wandering out in the streets high for a couple days, she doesn’t remember how many, but she was tired of it. Tired of the high that wasn’t doing any good, tired of not being loved, tired of being rejected, no family, no friends, no more fun. She couldn’t take anymore of what the devil was doing.

Being high for so many days, she was ready to give up. Sonja felt worthless and had no hope because everything she loved was gone now. She had nothing left to hold onto. Her heart was filled with pain, sorrow, and utter despair. She knew that nothing she would do could fix anything, nobody in the world could help her. Her circumstance would never get better. She didn’t care if she died or not, her life on this earth as she knew it before was over any way. Death couldn’t be any worse than it was now.

Before she blacked out from an overdose for several days, she remembers crying out for Jesus. Just one Word – Jesus. If there is an ounce of hope anywhere, it’s in a higher power than anything in this world. When we’re in a place where the only other way to look is up, we instinctively know that we can cry out to Him. God has placed in each of us the knowledge that He is the Almighty.

But the Word is very near unto you, in your mouth, and in your heart, that you may do it. Deuteronomy 30:14 In her heart, Sonja knew He was the only hope there ever was. She remembered Grandma telling her about Him. If there was a God, He would hear her and save her.

She was out for days, not sure how many because she didn’t know what day she passed out on. She only remembers calling out to the Lord in desperation. She doesn’t know if the cry actually came out of her mouth, or was only in her mind.

God heard. God in His amazing mercy reached down and touched her. He reached down to the bottom of her world, under the bridge where she lay as everybody else passed her by, and He touched her. Her healed her on the spot. He gave her rest her body needed, restored her health from years of drug abuse and healed her from the addiction of cocaine. When Sonja woke up, she didn’t even have a craving for the stuff in the least. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that a miracle had taken place, a miracle straight from God Himself . He had saved her life, transformed her heart, gave her new hope, and filled her with His joy.

Sonja found a church to go to, and just a couple weeks later she had a job and roof over her head. Her husband is coming back around and her children actually like their mother again.

This is a true story, it is a testimony of what the devil does, and what God can fix. Remember, don’t listen to the lies of the enemy. Don’t follow his path of destruction. You are not worthless, you are God’s child. You are loved. Jesus died to give you life, a life of abundance, peace, forgiveness and more. And that’s the Truth!