Monday, November 2, 2009

Give Us Revelation Lord

 Lord may Your Holy Spirit help us pray Your will.

     Give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You Lord. Give us clarity in Your ways, in what You know Lord, of how things are. Let us know the total You. You have taken off the veil, I pray that we look Your way to see exactly who You are. We want to be fully acquainted with You. All other things pale in comparison to You. Revelation is ours, You have uncovered Your love for us on the Cross. Lord, You have disclosed Your being to us, You have revealed it in the light. I pray we choose to see You in everything. I thank You Lord for letting us know You better, letting us advance closer to You each and every day. We want to be in Your presence with You, in the Holy of Holies. We can behold You. Jesus, You let us perceive You, see You, and understand You. Let us choose to embrace You- all of You.

     Father, enlighten our vision. Remind us that You have shined Your light and goodness into our minds, into our hearts. Your love illuminates our world Lord, it sheds rays of hope, sunshine, glory, awesomeness, wonderment, love, joy, peace, rays of You- onto our lives God. Let us gaze with intent and amazement, our eyes wide open toward You Lord. I pray the eyes of our heart, our deep thoughts, our mind, see Your Light completely. Our world is brightened up by You because You are our everything– all we need.

     Lord I pray we know the meaning of the hope of Your invitation. I pray we can discern clearly the expectation, the anticipation of Your calling for us. You have invited us to Your life Lord, let us open our hearts to receive every bit of it. You have called us to Your sanctuary, let us come in and abide and dwell with You Lord. You have called us to work with You, for You, along side of You, let us say “Yes Lord”. You have called us into Your riches Father, given us an invitation to Your abundance God, Your possessions, Your wealth, Your fullness- every blessing within Your Kingdom is ours when we say “Yes Lord”. Our calling is to have Your wisdom and revelation. Holy Spirit, put this into our hearts and minds. Seal this within our souls.
In Jesus' beautiful name- Amen
Ephesians 1:17-19