Monday, November 30, 2009

My Christmas Story

God had told my husband and I to study and show ourselves approved. We knew in our hearts that meant we were to have Bible Study in our home. I was the “teacher” and I studied what God would tell me to. I found He always gave me the topic on Monday morning or Sunday night, a couple days after our gathering on Friday. We had been meeting once a week for a little over a month when my Christmas story begins.

I had just dropped my little ones off for school on a Monday morning. As I was driving home, I was thinking about Christmas. It was getting close and we had no extra money for gifts and we could barely pay the bills.

I started getting heavy hearted as I was driving. I was asking God how we were suppose to get the kids Christmas gifts with only three more paychecks coming in. We have this bill due, these other bills over due, the house payment coming up, and we need gas money to get back and forth to work. These paychecks were not going to cover everything, much less a Christmas dinner.

Still driving down the road, my heart was starting to sink thinking we couldn’t have anything for Christmas. I started crying because there was no way possible to give even the smallest gifts to my six children. There was no hope of seeing their little faces light up on Christmas morning.  We wouldn't even have a special dinner.

I know the real Gift is Jesus, but I also know He loves to give us our hearts desires; He loves to see us smile. Jesus likes to shower us with gifts, spiritual and monetary. Why wouldn’t He want us to be able to give gifts to our children?

I hadn’t noticed before, but the radio was playing. Through my sobs I started hearing a song. What I was hearing was God singing to me. I heard His voice loud and clear– He was singing to me, answering my prayer, through the radio straight to my heart. The song playing on the radio was Feliz Navidad- I Want to Wish You a Merry Christmas. God was singing to me, “I want to wish you a Mary Christmas, I want to wish you a Mary Christmas, I want to wish you a Mary Christmas, from the bottom of My heart!”

My heart immediately filled with joy, my tears of sorrow turned to tears of joy because I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt God Himself was talking to me. He was telling me everything is going to be alright and He is in control. He gave me a sense of peace and reassurance like I had never had before. I knew we would have a beautiful Christmas. I didn’t need to worry or be broken hearted about not having anything for my family, God would supply. All my doubts disappeared.

He had revealed to me that He wanted me to sit at His feet and rest in His presence just as Mary did. He didn’t want me to fret and be concerned about all the chores, tasks, and little details like Martha did. My heart and soul rejoiced and said “Yes Lord– I accept Your invitation. I will sit with You, I will be in Your presence. I want to be right here with You.” This was the first time I had ever heard the Lord sing to me and it was amazing,

If that wasn’t enough, I had a vision while the Lord was singing to me. I was still driving down the road and I saw Jesus on the horizon dancing. Yes, dancing. He was dancing to Feliz Navidad. I could only see Him from the belly up because He is so big.

Now, tears are rolling down my cheeks because I am laughing so hard. I know this sounds crazy and untrue, but this is what I saw. Nobody would ever think that Jesus would be funny, but I tell you He can be. I know for a fact that God created the sense of humor and the laughter that goes with it. I laughed and cried all the way home and then I don’t know how long after that. I realized after I got home that the Holy Spirit had to have been driving those last 7 miles because I couldn’t have been. I could barely see through the tears of laughter filling my eyes. My stomach hurt because I was giggling so hard. People passing by me probably thought something was wrong with me. I don’t know how long I sat giggling at the stop sign. Thank God He was driving for me.

I knew then what the next Bible Study would be about. We studied about sitting in God’s presence, receiving His presents, His peace, and all He has for us. He supplies all our needs and takes care of our wants when they are in His will. Sometimes God just wants us with Him and all the other stuff is not so important, it all works out. We learned how to have a Mary Christmas.

Yes, I told the Bible Study group about how God sang to me and what I saw. Yes, they thought I was crazy, but that’s ok. Have you ever had the Lord of Lords dance for you (or even with you)?  We had an awesome study that night. The Spirit of Laughter came in that room and filled us with joy. What an incredible present God gave us that night. He gave us the gift of His presence.

Just as the Lord had reassured me earlier, we had a wonderful Christmas that year.  God supplied the gifts for the children and Christmas dinner through friends, family, churches, and even a very large unexpected  Christmas bonus from work!

Every time I hear Feliz Navidad I am reminded of how much God knows and is concerned about the tiniest details of our hearts. I am reminded of how much He loves and cares for us. I am also reminded of how much He loves to give us His joy– which is Jesus Christ Himself.

I want to wish you a Mary Christmas!