Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank You Lord

Thank You Lord for being with me at all times. Please don’t let me put anything in front of You Lord. I want You to be first at all times. Help remind me of this daily, minute by minute.

I love Your presence Lord; I love to rest in Your presence. I love the comfort You give, the assurance, and safety You engulf me in. I love to be near You. Let me always remember You are next to me. Sometimes, I draw closer to You than other times because I am busy with life on this earth, but Lord, let me never forget that You are right next to me. You are within me.

I pray for Your knowledge and Your wisdom Lord- Your ways. I need You and only You Lord; You are the way, the truth and the life. You are my Life. You are the only life for me. There is nothing else for me Lord. Without You, life would be worthless; nothing would be worth having or doing.

Guard my lips Lord; close them when they need to be closed. I thank You that You always will. I praise You that I hurt no one today. I praise You that my family hurts no one today, or any other day. I know You keep us from evil.

I praise You for all You do for us Father,
in the name of Jesus I pray.