Thursday, February 4, 2010

From My Heart to Yours Lord

I thank You Lord for Your inexhaustible mercy upon me. I thank You for Your beautiful grace. I praise You for saving my soul. There is nothing I have done to deserve it; it comes completely from Your undying glorious love for me. I thank You that You are a forgiving God. You engulf me in Your love Lord, You hold me in the palm of Your hand. You keep me under Your wing. You are a loving Father that dotes over me. You sing over me, You sing with me, You sing to me. You set me in Your freedom.

I love to hear Your voice. You think such lovely thoughts over me. You speak good things for me. Your words are pure and amazing love to my spirit. My soul boasts in You Lord. My soul can only bless You Lord. You are worthy of all praises. You are worthy of all worship.

I know You love me because I have not been worthy. I have done wrong yet You have compassion for me. You take my sin and throw it away. You see what is under the rottenness, You see potential in me, You see goodness in me. You see something I do not see. I praise You for being in my life and loving me just the way I am Lord. I praise You for Your divine goodness You pour out on me Lord.

I thank You Lord for the blessings You give me- Lord I praise You for washing, cleaning, molding, and filling me with You Lord. I thank You for transforming me into what You want. Take my heart and do what You will. I pray that I become as a picture of You Lord. May I glorify You all of my days.