Monday, March 8, 2010

Dancing with Jesus

One the first day of a five day service in a little Spanish church during the praise and worship time, Jesus came to me and asked me to dance. I was so excited and of course said yes. We were dancing arm in arm, like they did in the olden days when everybody skipped around the dance room together or did the Irish jig. Jesus was right beside me. It was fast music. It was like a festival.

The next day of the service during worship, I saw Jesus dancing in a beautiful rolling field. He asked me to join Him. We were dancing and laughing and having a wonderful time together like little kids playing and celebrating.

The third day, Jesus again came and asked me to dance. This time He was in front of me. We were face to face. We danced ballroom style, hand in hand. We were once more celebrating, but we were closer together, more involved with each other.

Again, the fourth day during praise and worship, the Lord asked me to dance. This time we were slow dancing. We were closer than ever. We were embraced, as in a slow waltz. We were celebrating our lives, our love, and our closeness together.

The fifth day came and I waited for the Lord to ask me to dance. I knew He would. We had such a good time the last couple days together. I waited patiently. I was praising Him and still waiting to see Him. It seemed like I waited for a long time. I started wondering if He was going to come and ask me again. I even started getting a little frantic because I knew He was in the room, but I couldn’t see Him. I wanted to dance with my Lord again. How come He wasn't inviting me? I didn't understand. Finally, I said, “Lord, I can’t see you. Where are you? Aren’t you coming to dance with me today?” He answered me. He said, “I am right here. I am in your heart. I am dancing with your heart.”

We have danced and celebrated each other ever since.

I celebrate with My Lord everyday. I can dance with Him at any time. I am no longer in captivity by the enemy; I can celebrate my freedom with the Lord at all times. Jesus is with me at every moment, He never leaves me. There is an endless list of things to thank God for– it is a never ending fiesta!

We are the temple of the Lord, He lives within us. We can celebrate and dance with Jesus whenever we want to if we’ve invited Him in our lives.

And the people of Israel, the priests and the Levites, and the rest of the returned exiles, celebrated the dedication of this house of God with joy. Ezra 6:16