Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am Your Vessel Jesus

Lord– I want to have my whole life committed to You, not just most of it. Every single waking moment I give to You Lord. Turn my every single thought to You. May I think of nothing else but Your ways God. Make my thoughts Your thoughts Father.

I want my conversations to be of You, I want my conversation to be with You. I want them to be Your words. May I speak life to others Lord. Every single move I make will be ordered by You, don’t let me move on my own account. I pray I do nothing against Your will, nothing in my will Lord.

I am Your temple. Reside in me, abide in me, live in me, live thru me, speak thru me. I am Your vessel Jesus. Holy Spirit– teach me all I need to know, grant me wisdom in all areas of my life. My heart beats for Yours Lord, my every breath is for You. There is nothing else- nothing else in this world I want or need but You.