Friday, November 26, 2010

God's Provision

God gives us everything we need. All He has is available to us because He’s our loving Father. If it's in God's will, you can just ask and receive.  God will not give you anything that is not from Him, or not in His will.

Sometimes we forget the fact that we have access to our Father's provisions.  We tend not see what is in set in front of us. We lose vision of what is set before us. We forget that we have been set free through Jesus and given everything in promised land.  

The Israelites let their eyes fall short of the vision given to them. They quickly forgot that God was going to make them a great nation thru Abraham. They forgot they would be blessed thru Abraham. They didn’t even remember that God said He would give them a good land, a large land that flowed with milk and honey~ it had everything they needed, abundantly.

Since plenty of milk was going to be provided, they had to have the source it came from...cow, sheep, goat, soy, coconut, rice, almonds, and/or other sources. These things were not just going to be there sparingly, they were to be in abundance. This means they would also have clothing, tools and shelter made from the animals. The honey comes from flowers, flowering trees and bushes. This means there was plenty of fruit, vegetables and herbs available for food, good health and medicine if needed. There was no lack.

The Israelites were headed for the promised land, but their vision became distorted. They started focusing on themselves and couldn’t see what was in front of them. They couldn’t even remember what God had just brought them from.

God had just delivered the Israelites from the enemy. He led them out of Egypt- which means "limit". They had been in bondage over 400 years. They had no freedom, they had no future. The Israelites were limited, they merely existed. God's people could not truly live. They were slaves to the enemy.

The Israelites took their sights off of God and set it on themselves shortly after they were set free. They were used to someone else taking care of them- which was the Egyptians- and they never had a vision of being totally free. They never grabbed the vision of the promised land. The Israelites did not see the goodness of God and His provision.. His pro-vision.. the vision He set in front of them….they chose to focus on self. They saw what wasn’t there any more, what used to be and found it good in their eyes. They convinced themselves they were happier in bondage. Their thinking was wrong.

Exodus 16:1-3 On the fifteenth day of the second month after they had left Egypt, the whole company of Israel moved on from Elim to the Wilderness of Sin which is between Elim and Sinai. The whole company of Israel complained against Moses and Aaron there in the wilderness. The Israelites said, "Why didn't God let us die in comfort in Egypt where we had lamb stew and all the bread we could eat? You've brought us out into this wilderness to starve us to death, the whole company of Israel!"

The Israelites had not long ago had the blood of the Lamb applied to their lives when God told them to put the blood over the door posts so the angel of death would see this and pass over them.  The blood of the Lamb represented Jesus.

When you start to serve the Lord, when you cross over to the other side- the winning side with Jesus Christ- the enemy gets mad and comes after you kicking and screaming, causing havoc in your life, just as the pharoah did to the Israelites after he let them go. If that doesn't work, he whispers in your ear that it was better where you were at before. He appeals to your flesh and makes it seem as if the truth that set you free wasn’t really good. The enemy tricks you into thinking that you are lacking what you had before.

In reality~ you have just gained the everything good that exists thru Jesus Christ. When you have Jesus, you have everything. When you accept Christ, you have gained salvation as a gift, you have gained God’s joy as a gift, healing as a gift, peace, forgiveness, and everything else the Lord has within Him.

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

The Israelites died in their own vision, in the place they wanted to stay in.  The new generation who caught the vision went on to be there. They knew God was the provider.  They took His Word and kept it in their heart.  They moved on to bigger, better things, which was God's provision, His abundance. They came to know what He had in store for them.  Their faith in God's promise brought them into His abundance and goodness. 

Never lose faith that God provides. Never lose sight of what God has put in your heart, even years ago. God has given you a vision, know that it will come to pass.  Accept the change that comes with it. God's plan is for you to get where He wants you to be, which is in His goodness.  Don't lose vision.  Always know that your Father in Heaven has so much love for you, He has awsome plans for your life, and He is your provision.
3 John 2 Beloved, I pray that in all things thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.