Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Word

Your voice alone Lord can cause the world to shake.
One word from You can change everything.
One word can cast out fear, cast out loneliness, cast out depression.
One word can overfill me with joy.
Your word can heal all.
One word can repair a broken world.
One word from You Lord, can speak eternity.
Just one word takes away darkness and brings light.
It repairs hearts, renews lives, brings brand new beginnings.
One word can change a soul, change a family, change a generation, a nation.
Your voice alone God can restore the world.

Open my heart so I can hear a word from You Lord.

Hebrews 12:26, Psalm 33:9, Psalm 85:8, Jeremiah 15:16, Matthew 4:23, Isaiah 65:17, John 5:24, Genesis 1:3, Rev 21:3-4, Genesis 22:17-18, Isaiah 66:22, Mark 4:9