Friday, February 10, 2012

Psalms 71- Prayer for My Family

Lord, You are our refuge! In You we trust. We will never be put to confusion! Save us from our enemies, for You are just! Rescue us! Bend down Your ear and listen to our plea and save us. Be to my family a great protecting Rock, where we are always welcome, safe from all attacks. For You have issued the order to save us. You have commanded it! Rescue us, O God, from these unjust and cruel men.

O Lord, You alone are our hope; we've trusted You from childhood. Yes, You have been with us from birth and have helped my family constantly--no wonder we are always praising You! Our success, at which so many stand amazed, is because You are our mighty protector. All day long we'll praise and honor You, O God, for all that You have done for us.

And now, in our old age, don't set us aside. Don't forsake us now when our strength is failing. Our enemies are whispering, “God has forsaken him! Now we can get him. There is no one to help him now!'' O God, don't stay away! Don’t be far from us! Come quickly! Help! Destroy them! Cover them with failure and disgrace--these enemies of mine. We will keep on expecting You to help us. We praise You more and more.

We can’t count the times when You have faithfully rescued us from danger. We will tell everyone how good You are, and of Your constant, daily care. We walk in the strength of the Lord God. We tell everyone that You alone are just and good.

O God, You have helped us from our earliest childhood--and we have constantly testified to others of the wonderful things You do. And now that we are old and gray, don't forsake us. Give us time to tell this new generation (and their children too) about all Your mighty miracles.

Your power and goodness, Lord, reach to the highest heavens. You have done such wonderful things. Where is there another God like You?

You have let us sink down deep in desperate problems. But You will bring us back to life again, up from the depths of the earth. You will give us greater honor than before, and turn again and comfort us on every side.

We will praise You with music, telling of Your faithfulness to all Your promises, O Holy One of Israel. We will shout and sing Your praises for redeeming us. We will talk to others all day long about Your justice and Your goodness. For all who tried to hurt us have been disgraced and dishonored.