Saturday, September 29, 2012

Prayer for our Nation

Forgive those of us who have grown stale and stagnant Lord, who have become luke warm. Forgive those of us who have become complacent. We have put You aside, or even on the back burner.  Forgive the ones who have another God before You Lord.  

Thank You for Your mercy upon this great land You have given us Lord.  You gave us this land so we could worship You freely, so we could honor and follow Your Word ~ Your Son, Jesus Christ.  It is not the  land that is great, but You who gave it to us.  Without You Father, we are nothing, we have nothing.  

Bring us back to You- let us live in Your Kingdom as we did before with You leading us.  Let us live in Your love, protection and guidance from this day forward. Help us to speak Your Words and stand up to what we know is right in Your eyes. Keep Your hand upon our nation; You are our strength.  

Rev 3:15-17, Exodus 20:3, Psalm 136:21, Deut 26:9-11, Deut 8:17-19. Luke 15: 18-21, Titus 2:12, 2 Cor 8:21, Psalm 33:12