Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You are My Blessing Lord

Lord, let me be blameless and walk according to Your law. I will follow Your instructions so I may be blessed. Help me be pure and perfect in Your eyes Lord. I want to be uncontaminated. I will not walk with the wicked or stand with the sinners or sit with the scoffers.  My delight is in You Father, in Your ways.  

Because I love You, I have great peace and nothing causes me to stumble. There is none like You Father and I want to be with You.  Lord, You are my happiness, You are my blessing.  Through the blood of Jesus I am made righteous and sinless.

Let my walk with You be true. My joy comes from seeking You with all of my heart, not just here and there or now and then.  Wholeheartedly, every day, all day, in all things I desire You. I look for ways to tell of Your goodness, love, grace and mercy.  Let me testify of Your Word Lord. In the name of Your beautiful and powerful Son, Jesus Christ I pray.

Psalm 119:1-3, Psalm 1:1-2, Psalm 119:65,1 John 1:7, Psalm 119:1-2, Psalm 66:16