Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thank You for Your Blessings Lord

Father, You have blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heaven because we are united with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You have raised us up with Christ and seated us with You in the heavenly realms. We were once far away from Christ, but have been brought near through His blood. Lord we are so blessed because our eyes can see Your love, our ears can hear Your word. Many prophets and kings want to see what we see but cannot, they want to hear what we hear and do not, but You have revealed this to us. You give us wisdom and understanding.

You are the Father of compassion and the God of our comfort. You comfort us in all our troubles, so we can console others with the comfort You have given us. You draw us near to You and we are safe under Your wings.

Lord, You bless us and keep us. We are blessed in the city and blessed in the country, our towns and fields are blessed. Lord, You go before us, are always with us; You never leave or forsake us. We will not be afraid or discouraged. Thank You for watching over us and keeping us from all harm. Your face shines upon us Lord, You are so gracious. You turn Your face to us, and You fill us with Your peace.  

We praise You for being in our lives Father.

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