Saturday, April 27, 2013

Your Presence

Lord, I just want to be by Your side.  I am safe and secure next to You.  There are no worries, no dangers or lack in Your presence. Nothing can harm me when I am in Your hands.  You are my strong tower, You are my strength. You hold me secure.  The enemy can’t come near me, his arrows can’t touch me because I am under Your wing.

My heart is content just being with You Lord.  There is nothing in this world I desire more than You Jesus; to hear Your voice, know You are here, walk side by side, hand in hand. My favorite place to be is in Your presence Lord.

In Your presence is peacefulness and rest.  In the midst of troubles there is peace in my heart knowing You’re with me.  You are the One who fights my battles for me.  I can go on knowing You are here.  You lift me up and encourage me.

Lord, I will follow You wherever You go.  I will stay wherever You stay.  I don’t want to be anywhere else. You always take care of me and supply all I need.  I have no lack or want.

There is healing,
joy, restoration, and completeness in Your presence. Total freedom.  You make everything right and all things new.  I have no bondage to anything but Your Word, Truth and love Lord. 

God, You are my everything. You have my heart, I am Yours.

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