Monday, June 2, 2014

I Am Always Here

Even though you cannot see Me, I am always here.  Sometimes you get a glimpse of Me, others times You can see My works, and there are times when you think I am no where around, but I am always here.  I never leave you.  I am always with you.  Don’t worry child, I hold you in My hand.  I am not far from you.  I am always on top of the situation.  I am always looking upon you.  Do not fear, you are not alone.  Search for Me and you will find Me.  Seek Me and you will see.  I am only a heartbeat away.  I hear your faintest cry, I see your littlest pain.  I know your tiniest fear.  I am always here, you can count on it.  Just reach, I will take hold of your hand.  I will encourage you when it is needed.  I will carry you when you can go on no longer.  My love has you covered.