Monday, July 6, 2015

Heal Our Land Father

Lord, I know You see many of Your children humbling themselves, we are on bended knee Father, under Your authority.  You are God Almighty and we are praying to You, there is none higher. We know who our Lord is and we are seeking Your face in these last days. 
God hear our intercession for the beautiful nation that You have given us.  Prayers are going up to You as our Savior Jesus. We are judging ourselves knowing that we have turned from You, forgive our sins Lord. Forgive us for not keeping You first in our heart. We have put our own agendas and desires before You Father, but we now turn back to You, seeking Your ways again.  We want to come back to You and walk on Your path of righteousness and in Your promises and blessings. 
We praise You for forgiveness of those of us who know better and we pray forgiveness for those who do not. Forgive our trespasses, all of our wrong doings. Open eyes and draw hearts to Your ways Father. Use us for Your glory. 
Hear our cries, hear from heaven ~ lift us up. Heal our land God! Mend us, repair us, restore us. Keep Your mighty hand upon us Lord! Our eyes are fixed on You  Abba Father. 
I pray this in Your Sons precious and powerful name, the name of Jesus.

2 Chronicles 7:14