Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Nation's Heart

Have mercy on us God, in Your faithful love and great tender mercies, wipe away our transgressions; wash us clean from our guilt and purify us from our sin. We are well aware of our offenses, our sin is constantly on our mind. 

Against You, and You alone Lord, we have sinned. We have done evil in Your sight and Your sentence against us is just. May Your victory appear when You give judgment.

Lord, we were born guilty, sinners from the beginning. We praise You for forgiveness Father.

We know You delight in the sincerity of our heart and desire the truth from within us. In secret You teach us wisdom, showing us the way. Purify us and we will be clean. Wash us Lord and we will be whiter than snow. After we have been punished, give our joy back to us Father.

Turn Your face away from our sins Lord, wipe away all our guilt. Thank You Jesus for Your blood upon us. Give us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us God. 

Don't cast us from Your presence or take Your Holy Spirit from us. Restore our joy of salvation and give us a willing and generous spirit Lord. We will teach others the way to salvation and they will repent and return to You.

Psalm 51:1-13