Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kiss the Face of God

When a tiny child wants to show you his love, sometimes he will put his forehead on your forehead, his nose against yours, look you straight in the eyes and give you sugary slobbers right on the lips. Getting a little older, being thankful or excited about something, the child will quickly and sweetly plant a kiss on your cheek. Growing even more and having a deep rooted love, the kiss comes on your forehead or even on top of the head, saying I love and cherish you. 

As the Lord's child, we can do the same to our Father.  When our heart tells His heart we love Him, we are kissing His face.  Being thankful shows our affection towards Him and touches His heart. When we have conversations with our Father, spend time with Him, give Him our love and undivided attention, we are kissing His face. Studying His Word and putting Jesus first brings Him delight as does praising, worshiping and praying.  Recognizing the fact that He is who He is pleases our Father.  Just being His child brings Him joy. The Lord rejoices over His children.

~You don't have to settle for touching My garment, you have already touched My heart~

Go ahead, kiss the face of God