Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dear Lord

Dear Lord,
I pray for my family, friends, and loved ones. I ask that You help us to always do good to one another, to love our neighbor as You say, and not pay back evil for evil or do wrong to those who have wronged us. Direct us to do this so all can see Your love.
Father, we rejoice in You always and we pray constantly. May our thoughts be continuously on You Lord. We give You thanks in all things, knowing this is Your will for us in Christ Jesus. We know You have an excellent plan for our life.
Lord, let us not quench Your Holy Spirit. May we hear all Your Spirit is speaking to us and showing us. Let us always walk with You in Your will, in Your presence and on Your path daily.
We will not deny prophesying. We know Your word is extremely important. You don’t want us to be deceived but want us knowledgeable and understanding things to come. Help us test the spirits Lord.
We stay away from every form of evil, and even the appearance of it. We don’t want to lead anyone’s eyes away form You Father, may they always see Your goodness in us. We want to point the way to You Jesus.
Lord, You are our peace, You make us completely holy. Keep our spirit, soul and body whole and blameless until You come. We know You are faithful Lord, You have called us to be Your children and You will do all that You have promised.
Thank You Father for the richness of Your blessings and graciousness upon us all.
In the name of Jesus I pray.
1 Thessalonians 5:15– 28