Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Prayer for the Last Days

Based on 2 Timothy 3:2-5
Gracious Father, I know these are the last days. Help us not be concerned and lovers of only ourselves, but lovers of others. Put it in our heart to love one another, help one another, be there, be kind, gentle and caring for others. Let us show Your love to the unlovable, lonely, hurting and needy, especially to our enemy.  Help us do good to them and expect nothing in return. It is commanded that just as You have loved us, we are to love one another. You can put this love within us. Let us follow Your example Lord.  
Father, help us not to be lovers of money for the love of money is the root of all evil. By craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows. I pray we are givers and not takers. I pray we put You first always, not financial gain or material things. You are our supplier.
Lord, I pray we are not boastful or proud, for the wicked boast their evil desires and despise You. We will not rejoice in boasting, for this is evil. Let us be boastful of You. Help us not to be proud also, for You oppose the proud. I ask for humble spirits, receiving Your grace. We know a man’s pride will bring him down, but You will honor the humble.
Oh God, let us stay near Your side, never speaking against You or others.  Set a guard over our mouths, Lord; keep watch over the door of our lips. Take the coal, touch our lips, use us Father. I ask that You put Your Words in our mouth. We exalt and forever praise You. Help us be encouraging to others, lifting and building them up, bringing grace to those who will hear.
Lord I pray also that we are always obedient to our parents, the ones You have given charge over us. Let us honor them as You have commanded, that we may have a long life. Help us be obedient, just as we are obedient to You Father.
Heavenly Father, I am so grateful and thankful for all You have done for us, and for all You are doing.  There is no limit to the goodness You have shown us, we can never repay the gift of salvation, we cannot fathom the gift of love, mercy, tenderness, forgiveness. The gift of pardon itself is immeasurable. May we always and forever praise Your name. Please forgive us when we are unthankful, ungrateful, or unholy. I pray we are holy and pleasing in Your eyes Father.  Let us ever be reminded of Your graciousness toward us.
Lord Almighty, many are unloving and unforgiving. This is not what we want to be. We want Your image  Father, the image of Jesus Christ. Guide us Holy Spirit the way You want us to grow. Remind us not to gossip or be slanderous, help us speak lovingly to those around us, never putting anyone down. Help us not to become wicked, faithless, heartless, or merciless Lord. We know You have given us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind God, therefore we know we have self-control over these things.
We love all that is good, all that is from You, our Father Above. We love Your law, Your way, all of Your blessings, all Your abundant fruits.
In these last days Father, help us not betray our friends, walking after the flesh in uncleanliness instead of Your Spirit Lord. Let us not be reckless, conceited, or impulsive forgetting to put You first. Father, we will serve You and not our own self. For they that live in pleasure and self-indulgence are dead even while they live.
God, many claim to have a form of godliness, but reject the power that can make them godly. Help us turn away from these people, most of all help us not to be one of them Father. We pray against false prophets, myths, and wolves in sheep’s clothing. Help us not follow any teachings that are not from You, or any brother that lives an undisciplined life Lord.  Let us always accept the love and power that You have so freely given for we know godliness is valuable in every way.
I ask these things in Jesus name, for I know You can complete the work You have started in us until the day of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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