Thursday, November 16, 2017

To Be Like You Jesus

Lord, I want to see as You see. I want to say as You say. I want to do as You do. Make my heart completely Yours. I want to be Your image, I want to be totally for Your use Lord. My desire is to show Your glory. I want to show Your beauty.

Give me words to say, fill my lips Lord and guard them from evil. Cleanse my lips so they do not speak death or destruction to anyone. Let me lift Your children up. Let me encourage them to edify them in Your name.

I was created to worship You Lord, let me do this through my words, through my actions, through my life. God I want to show others Your light that they may grow toward You. They are my brothers, I want to love them as you love. I want to be exactly like You, Jesus. 

Let me move when You move, live my life as You do Lord. Let my prayers be nothing but Your will. Let the love and blessing You give me pour out to others God. Let the Heaven in me rain on others Father. Lord- that all were like You.