Monday, April 9, 2018

Let All See Your Joy Father

I love You Lord. Thank You for the joy You fill me with. I pray my loved ones and all others are filled with the joy and treasures You have no matter what they are going through. Lift them up, hold them tight. Let them know and see the tenderness You want to give them. I pray they run to You as their loving Father, the One who cherishes, provides, heals and cares for them. You are our devoted and faithful Father. 
Lord I praise You for being with us and for sending Your Son to show us the way. May we live according to Your Word and glorify Jesus Christ in every step we take, every word we speak, every deed we do. I pray all come to know You~ the One and Only True Living God who gives eternal life that we may live in the joy and peace You provide. Let us realize all good things come from You, our Heavenly Father. Make us complete Lord. I know You will perfect the work You have started in us.
I pray for those who do not know You, I pray for others to grow close to You Lord. Draw them in so they know Your Word. May Your Holy Spirit guide them and show them Your compassionate ways, Your limitless kindness and mercy. May Your children know Your immeasurable forgiveness that covers a multitude of sins. Even though we do wrong, we are still loved by You, our Creator. I pray Your Holy Spirit convicts our hearts and shows us how to live righteously and honestly. You have designed us for this.
I pray for the ones who despitefully use us to come to know You as their Savior, that they can live in Your goodness also. Open the eyes of our enemies so they too can see the grace and blessings You provide. Jesus, You are the Way, the Truth and the Life.