Monday, September 19, 2022

I'm Thirsty

Lord, I desire You and You alone. I have an insatiable thirst only You can quench. Bring me to Your waters Father. Help me go deeper than I have ever gone before in Your love and goodness. Holy Spirit, guide me into the beautiful treasures of Your Word. 

I have no money to buy, I cannot pay for anything. I have nothing to give but myself. My heart is Yours. I crave to eat what is good and I know it only comes from You Father. I want to delight in the riches of Your abundance. Your Word gives all I need, I yearn for nothing else. Open my ears, help me hear that I may live in Your unfailing love and unending mercies. I yearn to live in Your everlasting covenant.

In the powerful and mighty name of Jesus I pray.

Based on Isaiah 55 1-3